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Page 7: Second number fail-over, Data call button (cisco 770 series router only)

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Overview of Cisco 700 Series Routers 1-7

Product Features

Call Forwarding (Sweden and Finland)

Call forwarding supplementary service has been added for Sweden and Finland (NET3).
Call forwarding is implemented differently in the European countries. The version
implemented here uses keypad procedures and is only partly ETSI-compliant.

Three-Way Call Conferencing

Cisco 700 series routers can add another party to an active voice call. You can connect three
people using this feature. For more information on configuring three-way call
conferencing, refer to the chapter “ISDN and Analog Telephone Devices.

Data Call Button (Cisco 770 Series Router Only)

The data call button, located on the front panel of Cisco 770 series routers, provides an
alternative to establishing or disconnecting data calls through the command interface. The
data call button performs in Make or Break mode. If no B channels are connected for data,
and at least one B channel is available, the button works in Make mode and attempts to
establish a call. When at least one B channel is connected for data, the button works in
Break mode, disconnecting the call. Table 1-1 summarizes the operation of the Cisco 770
series data call button.

Table 1-1

Cisco 770 Series Data Call Button Operation Summary

Second Number Fail-Over

Cisco 700 series routers can place a call to a backup telephone number when an outgoing
call is not successful because the receiving side is busy or does not answer. Cisco 700 series
routers support second number fail-over for manual and auto-data calls. The parameters are
set using the set backupnumber command.


No call up

1 data call

2 data calls

1 voice
call only

2 voice

1 data and 1
voice call


Make a
data call

the data call

both data calls

Make a
data call


the data call