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Do not place into your dryer Items that have been spotted or soaked with vegetable

oil or cooking oil. Even after being washed, these items may contain significant

amounts of these oils. The remaining oil can ignite spontaneously. The potential

for spontaneous ignition increases when the items containing vegetable oil or

cooking oil are exposed to heat. Heat sources, such as your clothes dryer, can

warm these items, allowing an oxidation reaction in the oil to occur. Oxidation cre­

ates heat. If this heat cannot escape, the items can become hot enough to catch

fire. Piling, stacking or storing these kinds of items may prevent heat from escap­

ing and can create a fire hazard.

Ail washed and unwashed fabrics that contain vegetable oil or cooking oil can be

dangerous. Washing these items in hot water with extra detergent will reduce, but

will not eliminate, the hazard. Always use the “cool down” cycle for these items to

reduce the items’ temperature. Never remove these items from the clothes dryer

hot or interrupt the drying cycle until the items have run through the “cool down”

cycle. Never pile or stack these items when they are hot.



The California Safe Drinking Water and

Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition

65) requires the Governor of California to

publish a list of substances known to the

State of California to cause cancer or repro­

ductive harm, and requires businesses to

warn customers of potential exposures to

such substances.

Users of this appliance are hereby warned

that the burning of gas can result in low-

level exposure to some of the listed sub­

stances, including benzene, formaldehyde

and soot, due primarily to the incomplete

combustion of natural gas or liquid petrole­

um (LP) fuels. Exhaust ducts should be kept

free of obstructions and properly exhausted

dryers will minimize exposure.


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