Replacing drum light, Reversing the door, Care and cleaning – Maytag D-2 User Manual

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Care and Cleaning

Control Panel - clean with a soft, damp
cloth. Do not use abrasive substances.

Tùmbler - remove any stains (such as cray­

on, ink pen or fabric dye) with an all purpose
cleaner. Then tumble old towels or rags to
remove any excess stain or cleaning sub­


Cabinet - wipe off any marks with soap and water.

Use an appliance wax once a year if desired.

Dryer Exhaust System - should be inspected and
cleaned once a year to maintain optimum perfor­
mance. The outside exhaust hood should be cleaned
more frequently to ensure proper operation. (Refer to
the Installation Instructions for more information.)

Replacing Drum Light

(Select Models)

Instructions for replacing the bulb:

1) Unplug or disconnect the dryer from the elec­

trical power supply.

2) Open the door and use a Phillips screwdriver to

remove the screw attaching the lens to the tum­

bler front.

3) Remove lens cover by pulling cover toward

center of tumbler.

4) Rotate bulb counter-clockwise to remove from


• • • • O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 «

5) Replace the bulb with a 120 volt, 10 watt

maximum candelabra base light bulb.

6) Turn the light bulb clockwise into socket.

7) Replace lens cover by hooking plastic tabs into

tumbler front below the light housing.

8) Reinstall the screw into the lens cover screw


9) Reconnect dryer to power supply.

Reversing the Door


Directions for reversing the dryer door.

1) Remove the hinge hole covers and screws. Move the door catch cover to the opposite side.

2) While supporting the door, remove 2 screws in the hinges that secure the hinges to the cabinet.

3) Remove door by lifting slightly at the hinges and pulling the hinge tabs out of the hinge slots.

4) Move the following parts to the opposite side of the door: 2 hinges and 4 hinge screws, 4 door screws,

door strike and screw, inner door cover plate and screw.

5) Attach the door to the opposite side of the cabinet using the 2 counter sunk hinge screws. (See below).

Screw the lower hinge screw in first. This will help to align the door and hinges.

6) Replace the hinge hole covers to the opposite side.

Door Catch .

Counter Sunk Screw