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Drying Rack Installation Instructions....

(Found in select models or purchased separately from your dealer using part # MAL1000AXX.)

The drying rack allows you to dry items that you don’t want to tumble dry;
for example, sneakers, washable sweaters, stuffed toys or pillows, etc.

The rack remains stationary, but the drum rotates.

(Make sure nothing hangs over the edges of the rack.)

To Use Rack:

1. Open dryer door.

2. Position drying rack in tumbler with the two exten­

sion wires toward you. These wires will brace the
rack against the front surface of the tumbler. Legs

will rest on front ledge and at back of drum.

3. Place wet items on the rack, leaving space between

them so air can reach all surfaces.

4. Close dryer door.

5. Use the Timed Dry cycle if available or use Auto

Dry Regular Fabrics cycle. Select time according

to moisture and weight of item. Push the start but­

ton. It may be necessary to reset the timer if a

longer drying time is needed.

To Remove Rack:

1. Open dryer door.

2. Lift rack straight up and out.



Washable sweaters

(block to shape and lay flat on rack)


Stuffed toys or pillows
(cotton or polyester fiber filled)


Stuffed toys*

(foam or rubber filled)

Air Fluff

Foam rubber pillows*

Air Fluff


Air Fluff or Heat

^Warning: When drying foam rubber, plastic, or rubber with heat, it
is possible they will suffer damage and could lead to a fire hazard.