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Models: LAT9406 • LAT9416 • LAT8406 • LAT8426

LAT9457 • LAT8416"* LAT850^ • LAT4916


Welcome and congratulations





Consumer Rated No.l Maytag
Washer! Your complete satisfac­
tion is very important to us.

Read this manual for best
results. It contains instructions
to acquaint you with proper
operating and maintenance pro­

In addition you will find a Laundering Tips


packed with your washer. It contains information on rec­
ommended laundering procedures, stain removal and
special laundering situations.

- Save time and money. If something should

go wrong, we suggest consulting the


“Before You Call” section in the back of this

* book. It is designed to help you solve basic

problems before consulting a servicer.

However, should you need assistance, it is helpful to:

1) Have complete model and serial number identifica­

tion of your washer. This is located on a data plate on the
top edge of the control panel. Record these numbers
below for easy access.

Model Number

Serial Number

2) Have proof of original date of purchase.

Please attach your sales receipt here.

For additional


please contact


Maytag Consumer Information
One Dependability Square
Newton, Iowa 50208
(515) 791-8911
(Mon.-Fri., 8am-5pm Central Time)
Internet: http://www.maytag.com

For service and warranty information, see back page

NOTE: In our continuing effort to improve the quality
our appliances, it may be necessary to make changes
the washer without revising this guide.

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