Sewing on buttons – SINGER W1640 User Manual

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You can sew both two and four holes of

buttons with your machine.

Change presser foot to the button sewing

foot (Fig. 39) and lower drop feed by

placing feed cover on needle plate (See

Page 17). Set Patch-O-Matic Darner so

pressure is completely released. (See Page

17, A. Fig. 27.) Set Stitch Selector (C Fig.

35) at l| Place button under button sew­

ing foot so that needle enters left hole

freely. Set Stitch Width Dial the same width
as the hole in the button. Turn Hand Wheel
toward you and test carefully that the
needle goes through the center of first one
hole and then the other. If necessary, adjust

zigzag width. Then sew 5 to



Turn Stitch Width Dial (B Fig. 35) for

straight stitching and take about 3 stitches

to lock the thread.

Thread Shank

Sew-through buttons on coats and jackets

should have a thread shank to make them

stand away from the fabric.

Place a straight pin or sewing machine

needle on top of button between the

holes, and sew over the pin or needle.

(Fig. 40)

Pull thread to back of button and wind

around stitches to form a firm shank.

Tie thread ends securely.