Fig 49 – SINGER W1640 User Manual

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Under Top Plate - Remove Top Plate by unscrewing two screws and oil points on

top of

machine head. (Fig.


Fig 49

It is important that you do not give the machine too much oil which will only

run out and spot your fabric. After oiling machine, sew a few rows of stitches on

a scrap of material to be sure that machine sews cleanly. Also wipe off any excess

oil from top of machine.

Do not oil the motor. Lubrication is not required as motor has been permanently


Underside - A. Raise needle to its highest position and remove rear plate by

unscrewing two set screws on it. Oil the points as indicated.

(Fig. 50)

B. Open Hook Cover and press it down to get a better view to oil

the points as indicated. (Fig. 51)

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