Loop sampler - using your switches – Line 6 DL4 User Manual

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1. MODEL SELECTOR - This is where you pick the model you want to use; it comes up pre-set to a great sound.

2. DELAY TIME - Typically sets the amount of delay time. Check the delay model descriptions for more details.

3. REPEATS - Typically adjusts the amount of repeats of your delay from one to infinity. Check the delay model descriptions for more details.

4. TWEAK - This is a special control unique to individual delay models. Check the delay model descriptions for more details.

5 TWEEZ - This is the other special control unique to individual delay models. Check the delay model descriptions for more details.

6. MIX - This knob is always used to set the mix between the dry/direct/unprocessed signal and the processed signal. Turn counterclockwise for more dry signal.

7. STOMP SWITCHES - For all models except LOOP SAMPLER, these switches choose one of the 3 memories. Step on a switch to get the sound that was stored there.

To change what’s in a memory, hold one of these switches for 3 seconds: that will store whatever sound you are currently hearing, so you can recall it by pressing that


8. TAP TEMPO - Tap this in quarter notes a few times to sync the delay time with your music.

LOOP SAMPLER - Using your switches

RECORD/OVERDUB - Press to start Recording. If you press this switch a second time while recording, the recording will finish, loop playback will immediately begin,

and you’ll be in Overdub mode. With each pass of recording in overdub mode, the already-recorded sound gets a little quieter, eventually fading away entirely.

PLAY/STOP - Once you’ve recorded the loop, use this switch to start and stop the loop. From Stop, pressing this starts playback from the beginning of the loop. From

Play or Overdub, pressing it stops playback/overdub. You can also step on this switch while Recording to stop the recording and start immediate loop playback.

PLAY ONCE - This switch allows “one shot” playback (the Play Once and Play/Stop lights come on during one shot playback). From Stop, press this switch to play

your loop one time and stop. From Record, press Play Once to stop recording and start one shot playback immediately. From Play, this switch will turn on Once mode,

meaning the loop will continue playing to the end of the loop and stop. If Play Once is already turned on, pressing this switch will re-trigger the start of the loop. (You

can “stutter” with this.) From Overdub, things are the same as from Play: press the switch, and loop playback (and the Overdub) will stop at the end of the loop.

1/2 SPEED/REVERSE - This is a dual function switch. One tap gets you half speed, and a double-tap will give you reverse. You can even use them both at the same