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9. INPUT/OUTPUT - Just follow the labels and plug in the inputs and outputs. The left input also acts as an on/off switch: the unit will be off if no cable is connected

here. When running with batteries, unplug the left input to conserve power when not using the pedal.

10. EXPRESSION PEDAL - The optional Line 6 expression pedal lets your foot control one or more of the parameters of your effect while your hands are busy making

music. Operation is designed to be simple: Power off your Stomp Box Modeler by unplugging the LEFT/MONO INPUT. Next, plug in your Expression Pedal, and set the

expression pedal to the full heel-down position. Plug the left/mono input back in (this turns the Stomp Box back on) and dial up a sound you like. Now press the expres-

sion pedal forward to the fully toe-down position, and set one or more of your knobs to another setting. Rock back and forth on your expression pedal, and you’ll hear

your sound blend between the two sound settings you just made. Store this sound into one of your pedal’s memories, and both the toe-down and heel-down “snapshots”

of the sound will be saved. Use as many and whichever knobs you like with the expression pedal, except the model selector. Recalling a stored memory later without the

expression pedal connected gives you the heel-down setting only.

11. POWER SUPPLY - You can purchase an optional Line 6 AC power supply to run your pedal or you can choose to power your Stomp Box Modeler with 4 C size batteries.

We recommend alkaline batteries for long life. Unplugging the left/mono input turns the pedal off, so be sure to unplug it when you’re not using the pedal to conserve

battery power. All four lights on your pedal will flash when your batteries have nearly run out.

True Bypass & Alternate Bypass

Stomp Box Modelers include mechanically switching relays that switch in when you bypass the pedal (by kicking the stomp switch to turn off the memory you are using).

These relays route your signal directly from input jack to output jack, around all the circuitry, for absolutely no processing or analog-to-digital conversion while in bypass.

There’s also an alternate bypass mode available that keeps the DSP engaged while bypassed, so with the Delay modeler, for instance, your delays can trail away when you

kick the pedal off. If you want this Alternate Bypass mode, hold the first and third (from the left) stomp switches while plugging in the left/mono guitar input. (When

the left/mono input is unplugged, your pedal is powered off.) Your pedal will remember to stay in this Alternate Bypass mode until you re-enable True Bypass.

Restoring Factory Presets

The Stomp Box Modelers come pre-programmed with a set of great tones in their memories. The sounds that you save replace these factory settings. If you ever want to

recall the factory sounds – and erase the sounds you might have saved – press the far left and far right switches while plugging in the left/mono guitar input. (When the

left/mono input is not plugged in, the pedal is powered off.)

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