Loop sampler, Auto-volume echo, Dynamic delay – Line 6 DL4 User Manual

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While using the Loop Sampler, the knobs and switches have special functions; true bypass is also disabled. The Loop Sampler

remembers the knob positions you set here and recalls them when you come back to it. Your loop can be up to 14 seconds long.

(28 seconds at half speed!) We’ve provided you with an echo unit in front of your loop sampler. This echo unit is before the loop

sampler, so when you record, you will record the echoes as well. DELAY TIME adjusts the pre-loop echo time. REPEATS adjusts

the number of repeats for the pre-loop echo. TWEAK adds modulation for the pre-loop echo. TWEEZ is a volume control for

the pre-loop echo. MIX controls the volume of your Loop Sampler playback.

Auto-Volume Echo.

This model gives you two effects in one. The Auto Volume part of the equation is a volume fade-in swell, like the attack time

on a synthesizer’s envelope generator. This can be used for a bowing effect, like the one you get by turning the volume knob on

your guitar quickly up from zero just after you pick a note. The other effect is an echo, complete with tape-style wow & flutter

modulation. TWEAK sets modulation depth. TWEEZ sets ramp time for the auto-volume swell.

Dynamic Delay –

based on* T.C. Electronic



This effect was made popular by the T.C. Electronic


2290 Dynamic Digital Delay. This is a sort of “smart” volume control for

your delay effect’s echoes, and sets the loudness of the delay echoes based on how hard you play. While you play, the Dynamic

Delay keeps the volume of the echoes turned down, so that the echoes don’t overwhelm what you’re doing. Then, when you stop

playing for a moment, the volume level of the repeats turns up to allow the echoes to be heard. TWEAK sets the threshold – the

breakpoint where this automatic volume control stops working and lets the echoes through at full volume. TWEEZ adjusts the

level of the “ducked” repeats – higher settings will duck the delay level down more.


!seltaeB eht dna xirdneH imiJ ekil tsuJ – Take a step back in time with your cool new reverse delay. Whatever you play in comes

back at you backwards, delayed by the time you set with the DELAY TIME knob (1.25 seconds max). To use this little wonder

most effectively, try playing a legato lick, ignoring the reverse playback as well as you can. Longer licks can translate into very

cool reverse phrases. When using Reverse, try setting MIX fully-clockwise (100% wetness) so all you hear is the reversed sound

– instant backwards guitar solo fun. TWEAK adjusts speed for a modulation of the delay. TWEEZ adjusts depth for a modula-

tion of the delay.

* All product names used in this manual are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers
whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6’s sound model development. T.C. Electronic® is a registered trademark of T.C. Electronic A/S Corp.