Sweep echo, Multi-head, Tape echo – Line 6 DL4 User Manual

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Sweep Echo

This Model is a Line 6 original. Starting with the basic tone of our EP-1 tape delay emulation, we added a sweeping filter effect

to the delay repeats to give you unique new creative possibilities for adjusting the tone of your delays. TWEAK adjusts the sweep

speed. TWEEZ adjusts the sweep depth. You can use these controls to create and explore your own shifting landscape of tonal

possibilities. With the optional Line 6 expression pedal, you can set things up so that the pedal takes you from no modulation

(TWEEZ at its minimum value) at the heel-down position to swimming modulation when you pedal forward, so you can bring

out the Sweep part of the Sweep Echo for your big solo.

Multi-Head –

based on* Roland


RE-101 Space Echo

The Space Echo was Roland


’s first venture into the world of effects processing. Instead of having one movable playback head

(like the Echoplex) this machine has multiple stationary heads. You change delay times by switching amongst these heads, and

then fine-tune delay time with a motor speed control. The groovy part is that you can play back on multiple heads at the same

time to get multi-tap delay effects. The TWEAK and TWEEZ knobs let you select combinations of the emulated tape heads.

TWEAK turns heads 1 & 2 on and off. TWEAK turns heads 3 & 4 on and off.

Tape Echo –

based on* Maestro



After the tube-based EP-1 and EP-2, Maestro


introduced the solid state EP-3, with transistors instead of tubes for the sound

electronics. The EP-3 uses the same basic mechanical design as the original Echoplex, including the looped 1/4” tape, but does

not have the tube distortion sound of the EP-1. EP-3s contributed to many classic recordings of the 70’s. Eddie Van Halen

and Jimmy Page were both avid EP-3 users. Unlike the Tube Echo Model based on the EP-1, which gives you control of wow,

flutter and distortion, our EP-3 emulation is designed to give you a less distorted tape emulation with adjustable tone controls.

TWEAK adjusts bass. TWEEZ adjusts treble.

Tube Echo –

based on* Maestro



The classic 1963 Maestro


EP-1 was the first of a series of “Echoplex” designs distributed by the company, and made by Harris-

Teller in Chicago. As touted in a Maestro advertisement, the Echoplex’s “...special effects range all the way from a controlled

high speed reverberation to a full, throbbing echo”! The main feature of the Echoplex design is a special cartridge of looped 1/4”

tape that wraps past separate record and playback heads. Your Stomp Box Modeler’s Tube Echo emulates the classic Echoplex

tone with the extra advantage of up to 2.5 seconds of delay time. TWEAK adjusts the emulated tape’s wow and flutter. TWEEZ

adjusts “drive,” which is the amount of distortion created by the unit’s tube electronics and tape saturation.

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