Tent setup, Nemo innovation – NEMO Equipment LOSI 3 User Manual

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Tent Setup

1. Lay out the contents of Losi 3P™ and make sure that you
received all of the following items: rain fly, inner tent, stuff sack,
removable gear pocket inside the tent, two main poles with
swivel, two shorter ridge poles, eight pegs, guy-lines, pole repair
sleeve, Tear-Aid® fabric patch, and an extra Jake’s Foot.

4. Clip the black piece of hardware at the top of the tent to the
bottom of the clear swivel on the main poles. Clip the rest of the
tent to the poles with the clear clips.

3. Attach the ends of the main poles to the Jake’s foot corner
anchors of the tent so the poles cross in the middle. Make sure
the button clip part of the swivel faces down. The Jake’s Foot
corner anchors will lock the pole ends in place.



2. When choosing a location to pitch your tent, select a flat area
free of fragile undergrowth and sharp objects. Losi 3P™ is a
freestanding tent which means it will still function without being
staked out. For full strength, stake the corners of your tent to the
ground with the included pegs. If the ground is too hard to place
pegs, tie the corners of your tent to heavy objects like rocks. If you
are forced to set up your tent on an incline, make sure your head
is positioned uphill.

NEMO Innovation

3. Losi 3P Pawprint™:

(sold separately)

this interior liner is

made of abrasion resistant, brushed nylon fabric that is very soft
and totally machine washable. Now you can have a clean, soft
place to sleep on every trip. If you'd like to bring the dog along,
Pawprint™ will keep your dog's paws from tearing up the tent.

4. LightPocket™: most headlamps have a focused beam and
hanging your lamp inside your tent can be frustrating. To make
things easier, Losi 3P™ includes a special pocket for your
headlamp with a light diffusing fabric. Place your lamp in the
pocket with the light facing towards the inside of the tent, and the
LightPocket™ will help cast an even glow throughout the tent.




1. Unique Pole Configuration: the ridge poles on Losi 3P™ run
the long direction on the tent and end above the ground. This
design adds significant strength and provides nearly vertical walls
on all sides of the tent. The steep walls mean you can sit straight
up almost anywhere inside Losi 3P™.

2. Superior Hardware: several innovative pieces of hardware are
used to increase the ease of setup and strength of Losi 3P™.

The Jake's Foot corner anchor system from
DAC makes tent setup faster and easier. The
main poles attach to the anchors by ball and
socket. When the fly is attached, the Jake's
Feet act as cantilevers to pull the corners of
the inner tent closer to the ground.

The swivel clips and center swivel lock the
poles together at their intersections. This
makes the tent much stronger.

The unique shape of the DAC pole clips
makes them easy to use and more durable
than standard pole clips.