Tips for extending the life of your tent fabric, Tent take down storage – NEMO Equipment LOSI 3 User Manual

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Avoid rough ground, especially rocks and pavement.

Make sure the tent is clean and dry before packing.

Store the tent unpacked to allow air circulation.

Occasionally inspect the tent for wear and tear.

Do not store the tent exposed to UV light.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Tent


Always pack and store your tent dry! Mildew is not only smelly

and bad for the tent materials, it is also unhealthy. Contact Rainy

Pass Repair (see NEMO Repair section) for advice about safely

removing mildew.

“My tent has a mildew smell.”

We use a ripstop weave pattern to prevent tears from expanding

in the fabrics, but tears can happen. Make sure the area you

choose to set up your tent is free of sharp rocks, sticks, or thorns.

Take care when using any sharp tools near your tent! Remember

that your tent is your home in the mountains and it’s made of

lightweight fabric. Small tears in the fly can be reinforced with

the included Tear-Aid patch on the inside of the fabric. The

Tear-Aid will only stick well to the inside of the fly. Larger areas

can be hand-stitched and sealed with Seamgrip®, or you can

send your tent to Rainy Pass for repair (see NEMO Repair


“I sliced my tent on a sharp tree branch!”

1. To take down Losi 3P™, first remove the fly by twisting off the
corner clips and pulling on the finger loops to release the poles
from the grommets. Shake off any moisture. Water will add
weight to your pack and can lead to mildew.

2. Empty the inner tent and remove accessories. Shake out
moisture and debris. Remove the ridge poles from the
grommets using the finger loops. Unclip the swivel clips and
other pole clips.

3. Twist the Jake’s Foot corner anchors to remove the main poles.
Fold the poles and store them in the pole pocket of the stuff sack.

4. With your foot on the accessory pocket of the stuff sack, stuff
the tent and fly into the large mesh pocket.

6. Remember to leave no trace even in winter. Before leaving
your campsite take a thorough look around making sure you
have not left anything behind, out of place, or damaged.

5. Roll up the stuff sack, securing it with the compression straps.
The Losi stuff sack also works very well as a hanging drying bag
when not in carrying the tent.

Tent Take Down


Remember to dry your tent out completely before storing as
moisture can lead to mildew. Also try to remove as much dirt and
debris from your tent as possible. Avoid storing your tent
compressed or exposed to UV light for long periods.