Accessories (sold separately) – NEMO Equipment LOSI 3 User Manual

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(Sold Separately)

Several accessories are available for Losi 3P™ to add comfort or
longevity to your tent.

Losi 3P™ Footprint

To install the Losi 3P™ Footprint, slip the split rings over each of
the four corresponding corner anchors. This will protect the floor
of your tent from abrasion and add to the lifespan of your tent.
Make sure the footprint is not exposed under the tent shell or it
could collect water in a rain storm. By moving the Jake’s Feet to
your footprint, you can set up a very lightweight shelter as shown

Losi 3P™ Pawprint™

To install the Pawprint™, snap the corners to the inside of the
tent. The Pawprint™ can stay attached when the tent is packed. If
you want to remove the Pawprint™, use the finger loops to help
unsnap the corners.

Losi 2P™ Gear Loft

Extra storage space overhead ensures that your sleeping area is
maximized at night. The Losi 2P™ Gear Loft features two
overhead LightPockets™ and two large pockets for stashing
your essential gear.

6. Connect the ridge poles to the main poles with the black
swivel clips. With one hand, align the main pole in the bottom
cradle. With your other hand, pull the double clips over the ridge

7. Lay the fly over the inner tent with the shiny side down. Align
the seams with the poles and clip the corners to the ends of each
Jake’s Foot. Place the grommets over the ends of the ridge poles
using the finger loops to help.

9. In extreme weather, attach the supplied guy lines to the
reflective guy-out loops and stake in place.

10. Place your headlamp in the LightPocket™ to create an even
glow inside your tent.

5. Insert the ridge poles through the side pole sleeves and into
the grommets on the sides of the tent. Keep the ridge poles on
the outside of the main poles. Use the finger loops to help pull
the webbing on and off of the pole tips.

8. Stake out the vestibule anchors. Adjust the webbing straps on
each anchor to create an even tension throughout the entire