NIBCO Circuit Balancing Valve G737 2-to-4-inch User Manual

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The valve is handwheel operated with clockwise rotation to close and counterclockwise to open.

Valve Position

Valve position is confirmed from the linear scale (red detail on white background) viewed
through the aperture which also provides the datum reference. See Figure 1 overleaf.

The rotary decimal scale on the handwheel hub is used to determine accurate valve position
between adjacent main divisions (e.g. position 2 and position 3 on the linear scale).
See Figure 2 overleaf.

Double Regulating Device

G737 valves are shipped with the double regulating device (memory stop) fully retracted to
allow unrestricted valve opening and closing.

The double regulating (memory stop) device is located beneath the red cap in the center of the
handwheel which is easily removed by hand. The adjusting key is also located here.

After the valve position has been finally established and recorded during commissioning, the
double regulating stop can be set. See Figure 3 overleaf.

Locate the special NIBCO 8mm hexagon drive key on the double regulating stop and rotate
counterclockwise until a positive stop is felt. No further effort is required.

Replace the key and red cap.

To obtain further NIBCO adjusting keys or for any technical enquiries

please call NIBCO Technical Services.