NIBCO TS-4 Replacement Supervisory Switches For Butterfly Valves User Manual

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1. Remove flag (A) by backing out (approximately 2 turns) hex socket set screw (B).
2. Remove one socket pin head screw (C), three socket head bolts (D) and gear

operator cover (E).

3. Remove two screws holding switch assembly into housing, and one screw holding

ground wire to housing and remove switch assembly.

4. Feed electrical wires of new switch assembly through hole in rear of housing. Put

new switch assembly (F) into gear case with actuating arms against quadrant gear.
Reinstall hold down screws and ground wire to housing.
NOTE: Before installing cover plate, a continuity test should be performed to
assure that switches are properly set.

5. Reinstall cover plate (D).
6. Reinstall flag (A).
7. Use end connection of auxiliary switch to be reviewed and accepted by local

authority having jurisdiction.

NOTE: Instructions are same regardless of valve end connections.

TS-4 Switch Specifications:

1 – S.P.S.T. / 1 – S.P.D.T.


11 amps @ 125 VAC 60 Hz or

1 amp @ 28 VDC non-inductive


All lead wires are 18 AWG, 18 inches long and exit actuator housing through
a single hole designed for 1/2” conduit fittings.

For any technical enquiries please call NIBCO Technical Services.