Product description, Standard specifications, Unpacking – Nor-Cal MLR-MLRC Series User Manual

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Congratulations! You have purchased a precision vacuum positioning device from Nor-Cal Products. This unit is capable of many years of use

with minimal care and maintenance. This manual is a tool to aid you in obtaining this service. We at Nor-Cal Products encourage your comments

and suggestions on this manual.

Product Description

The MLR and MLRC Series magnetically coupled rotary/linear feedthroughs are a series of all metal devices suitable for sample transfer and simi-

lar needs. They use rare earth magnets for high coupling strength and rotary position compliance.

Unlike other models on the market, the in-vacuum portion of the MLR/MLRC series is fully UHV compatible. There are no magnets in vacuum,

nor any encapsulated magnets. This removes the possibility of an untraceable leak with the failure of the encapsulation process.

Our magnetically coupled rotary linear feedthroughs utilize polished ID stainless tubing. This, coupled with our 4-axis guide design (which is

adjustable during assembly) makes for a superior unit. Our design incorporates 8 stainless steel bearings for a long, trouble free life. (An addi-

tional guide bearing in the MLRC series between the rotary shaft and the support tube makes for smooth rotation.)


All metal construction

360 degree continuous rotation

Graduated rotary dial

Dual adjustable linear stops

Magnet assembly removable for bakeout

Maximum bakeout 300° C (see bakeout instructions)

Mounting Flange

2.75” OD (4.5” available)

Minimum Axial force

4 lbs

Minimum Torque150 oz in


These feedthroughs are often shipped in custom foam-in-place packing. We have found this an excellent system to provide adequate protec-

tion for shipment. The foam is separated approximately half way inside the box with thin plastic. We strongly recommend the packing box with

packing be saved for possible future shipment or equipment storage.