Caution – Feelworld FW619AHT User Manual

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of ways, to name some of them: convenience, safety,

ar users,

Thank you for purchasing the liquid crystal display monitor. This product

employs new integrate circuits and high quality TFT LCD modules. It is putting

out with its low power consumption, emits no radiation, and other advantage

characteristics. This product is shaped with modern style and is easy to be

carried with. The color TFT LCD is the most suitable display for VGA,VCD,

DVD and GPS system for motorcars and ships. It also can be used in the office,

in flat, at home also in other suitable position. You will certainly benefit from this

monitor in lots


We hope that you will have the enjoyment of your new mini color TFT LCD.

To ensure the best use of the un

is handbook carefully beforehand.

it, please read th


1. Please use the adapter attached in the accessory.

2. Do not expose this product to direct sunlight, heat or humid conditions.

3. Keep away from strong light while using this product so as to obtain the

lease simply wipe with a

of other controls may result in damage and will often require


clearest and the most colorful picture.

4. Please avoid heavy impact or drop onto the ground.

5. Do not use chemical solutions to clean this unit. P

clean soft cloth to keep the brightness of the surface.

6. If the product does not operate normally when the instructions are followed.

Adjust only those controls that are covered by the instructions. Improper



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