Feelworld FW619AHT User Manual

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background image



. Yellow RCA jack for video 1 input

2. Black 9-pin plug for VGA signal in

. Black jack DC12v power input

5. White RCA jack for audio input
6. Red RCA jack for video 2 input

. Black 9-pin jack connect 9-pin plug of picture 3

2. USB end connect the USB port of computer for touch screen function.

al input end connect VGA port of the computer



of picture 4 will be connected to

then tighten the screws . The USB

uter for touch screen function.

5. Black jack c
6. When you use the unit, please adopt matched DC adapter, if not, please

Picture 4 (VGA cable)


3. 15-pin VGA sign


Put the SKS input end of AV cable picture 3 into the AV input jack of the

nitor, the other jack of A/V cable should be connected with related signal as

ows .

to the 9-pin jack of picture 4 (

1. Black 9-pin plug of picture 3 is connected


the arrowhead),the VGA signal input

r ,

the VGA port at the back of compute


end connects the USB port of the

2. Yellow RCA jack connect video signal 1
3. Red RCA jack connect video signal 2

White RCA jack connect audio signal

onnect DC12v power

note that the power consumption should be less or equal to 10w.

Manual operation

After connecting power, the unit will be in standby state(red light). Press ”

on the unit or on the remote controller, the buttons of the unit will blue light, at

hat time the unit begins to work. Press


the same button again the unit will

turn to its standby state (Note the blue button will black out in 5 or 6 seconds

soon after you turn

V” on the unit or

off unit.). Push “PC/A

on the remote

controller to switch between AV and PC.

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