Feelworld FW619AHT User Manual

Page 9

background image




”to adjust.

Brightness: To adjust the brightness.

Contrast: To

Color Temp:To

adjust the contrast of image.

adjust the contrast of Color Temp.

Color temperature of OSD is adjustable. Press “</>”on the unit or on the

tem rature at first such as: 6500 Ks, 7500 Ks or 9300 Ks by pressing“

remote controller to select “Color Temp”, then you can choose to set color



. You can also adjust a color temperature that wants the option


R" then can adjust RED, GREEN and BLUE



at will by pushing“


” . With attain which want of the color value.

Note: when you select the “USER” item a mini box will appear in the right
bottom corner of the OSD. As picture below.


djust is not satisfy

your req

re in horizontal.

Phase:To adjust the phase.

Clock:To adjust the clock, make field and line synchronization.

Auto Config:To adjust automatically .If the auto-a

uest, you can adjust manually.

H Position:To adjust the pictu

V Position:To adjust the picture in vertical.

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