Color – Feelworld FW7D/O User Manual

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. Menu operating instructions

Before setting the menu functions, please make sure the device is

connected correctly


Power switch(lower right corner of the unit) dial to ON

position. The monitor enter into working state. Please dial to OFF position

when need to close the unit. After enter into working state, press the "mode"

button on the unit, according to the input video signal to switch"HDMI、YPbPr、

VIDEO" (under NO menu state, using the shortcut button on the panel to

operate). Press "

" button on the unit, then enter into OSD menu operation.

Operate “▲”or“▼”on the unit to select or adjust the needed options.




(sound); After select options, press “◄”or“►”on

the unit to confirm, then using ▲”or“▼”to select or adjust the value of Analog

Data. After confirm the needed adjust parameters, using ◄”or“►”to adjust. If

need to exit OSD menu, repress “

” button.


Enter into "Color" OSD, press ◄”or“►”button to confirm, then enter to

adjust the color parameters, use ““▲”or“▼”to select adjustment item, then

use“◄”or“►”adjust the parameters.

Brightness: To adjust the image's brightness.

Contrast: To adjust the brightest and darkest ratio of the image, please

note the sense of picture when adjust, proportion too large or small, will make

the picture lose the color of showy.

Tint: On NTSC Video mode, the image color tint difference is adjustable

by tint.