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Product description


Front view

1. Power Indicator Light: Light turns red when standby, green when working

2. B/W: Switch on/off Check Field (Red、Green、Blue、Monochromatic and Color)

3. HDMI: High definition signal input selection button

4. CAMERA: Canon 5D Camera Mode

5. YPbPr: YPbPr signal input selection button

6. MARKER: Screen Marker

7. VIDEO: Composite video signal input selection button

8. COLOR TEMP: Color temperature selection

9. 4:3/16:9: Use to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio

10. ▶ : Function confirmation or value up while using menu setting functions

11. Focus: Click to switch ON/ OFF Peaking Filter(Focus Assist)Mode

12. ◀ : Function confirmation or value down while using menu setting functions,

and Switch on/off Center Marker

13. MENU:To activate OSD (on-screen display) menu


: Menu item value up adjustment button. No Menu State to cycle adjust the 5

level brightness


: Menu item value down adjustment button