Feelworld FW7D/O User Manual

Page 17

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6. Trouble shooting

1. Only black and white or monochrome picture.

Please check saturation、brightness & contrast adjustment.

Confirm B/W button whether in black and white or monochrome state.

2. NO picture after put on the power.

Check signal cable connecting, make sure use the standard adapter

connect the monitor. If power supply by battery, please check the battery

whether fully charged.

3. The image color distortion or abnormal, eg. lack some color.

Please check signal cable whether connect correctly or not. The cable

damage or loose will cause poor transfer, then above malfunction will


Check "color" function menu "color temperature" adjustment, whether

adjustment misconduct under the "user" state

4. If there exists an abnormal phenomenon, please try to enter into OSD

menu select "reset" to reset.


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