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7.2 Take away memory module (TAM)

The optional take-away memory module (TAM)
powers-up the IPS Beacon unit and downloads data
from the unit. When connected to the IPS Beacon
unit the TAM will log the sensor data as it is recorded
on every interval.

To attach the TAM, simply remove the power-up
module (PUM) from the IPS Beacon (if attached) and
plug in the TAM to the DB9 port on the IPS Beacon.
Once attached, wait for 4 LED light flashes from the
IPS Beacon (the first 3 flashes will be single flashes
while the last 3 will be double-flashes) which signals
that the TAM has downloaded the current sensor
data and last alarm values from the IPS Beacon. The
TAM can now be disconnected from the IPS Beacon,
or left attached to continuously log each set of sensor
data readings.

The TAM module has enough built-in memory to
capture approximately 28 000 sensor data readings.
Depending on how often the IPS Beacon unit is set to
log data, the amount of time varies for which the TAM
can capture sensor readings. See section 5, Custom
configuration programming
, to adjust the data logging
interval for the IPS Beacon.


Figure 6: IPS Beacon LED lights

Table 7: IPS Beacon parts and accessories list




IPS Beacon

VB-105 TAM

Take away memory module to log sensor data on
IPS Beacon unit

mounting kit

Mounting pad and bolt to attach IPS Beacon to a
threaded tap

VB-105 screw Cap screw to attach PUM or TAM to IPS Beacon

VB-101 Dock

Programming dock to connect IPS Beacon to PC
and change configuration settings


Configuration software utility


The following certifications are applicable to the IPS

Model: VB-105



Ex ia

CSA 2012 2554102

IECEx SIR.12.0074

Cl I, Division 1, Grps A, B,

C, D; T4
Cl I, Zone 0, Ex ia IIC T4

Cl I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T4
Tem. Code T4

-40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +85°C

Sira 12ATEX2188

Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

Ex ia IIIC T135°C DA
-40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +85°C


In the event you encounter trouble with your unit:

10.1 No flashing LEDs

There may be no flashing LEDs on the IPS Beacon
unit for several reasons:

Unit not powered up

Unit not configured correctly

See solutions below to each of the possible causes.

Unit not powered up
1. Verify the power-up module (PUM) is fully engaged

in the DB9 port (and screw tightened to the proper
torque) of the IPS Beacon unit. (See section 4,
Maintenance, on how to turn on the unit).

If the problem is not solved and the

optional IPS Dock and DockTalk software has
been purchased, go to Step 2.

2. Take the IPS Beacon unit to a safe area and

connect to the IPS Dock and use the DockTalk
software utility as described in section 5.2. If you
cannot connect to the IPS Beacon unit, contact
Flowserve factory for additional support. (See
section 10.2.)

3. Refer to Dock IOM (PCN 26999975) for

instructions on how to read the battery level. If it is
above 2.8 V skip to Unit not configured correctly
section below. If the level is below 2.8 V, the IPS
Beacon unit will need to be replaced.

GREEN light

RED light