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Unit not configured correctly
1. Refer to Dock IOM (PCN 26999975) for instructions

on how to reload factory settings into the IPS

10.2 Inaccurate or missing data

For users that have the IPS Dock and the data being
read from the IPS Beacon unit is either inaccurate or
missing, this could be due to an incorrect configuration
of the unit or improper installation (looseness).

Unit configuration incorrect
If the inaccurate/missing data problem is across all
sensor data parameters, reload the original
configuration for the IPS Beacon unit. (See section 5,
Custom configuration programming.)

Improper installation
Confirm IPS Beacon is securely attached to
equipment being monitored.

If none of the above solutions are successful, contact
local sales personnel or the factory for additional

Unit manufactured by:
Flowserve Corporation
10920 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Suite 950
Houston, TX 77064, USA
Phone: +1-832-375-0807