GAI-Tronics 190-002PS Weatherproof Power Supply Kit User Manual

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Pub. 43003-045C

Model 190-002PS Weatherproof Power Supply Kit

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RF Call Box

Prior to mounting the RF call box:

1. Locate the dimple on the bottom right side of the call box enclosure (facing the front of the unit).

2. Drill 1/8-inch pilot hole in dimple, then carefully enlarge to 7/8 inch.

3. Attach the 1/2-inch conduit hub to call box enclosure making certain the gasket seals properly.

4. Attach conduit nipple to weatherproof conduit box.

5. Attach the box/conduit nipple to the conduit hub.

6. Install the power supply bracket and power supply in the conduit box according to Figure 2.

7. Adjust the power supply output voltage to 15 V dc.

Figure 2. Power Supply Wiring Connections






To properly charge the backup battery (if required), the 40404-060 power supply (included with
this kit) must be set for 15.0 V dc output. This output can be adjusted at the voltage adjustment
potentiometer labeled ADJ. Refer to Figure 2 for wire connections.