innovaphone Fax Version 10 User Manual

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Operating manual: innovaphone Fax

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Entering recipient’s address

The recipient’s address is usually a combination of the recipient’s number and the company
fax domain.

The email subject line is included as a cover sheet (if so configured).

Your admin can inform you of the company’s fax domain. It may already be pre-configured
in the email system.


As with dialling out-going calls, fax numbers also require the outside line (usually an initial 0
before the number).

If configured by your administrator, the international phone number format can be used as
destination number (E.g. + 49711....) or use a fax number from a contact.

Cover sheet

A cover sheet comprising the send date, sender’s address, title and signature of the sender
and - if so configured - the company logo is included on the page in front of the document to
be faxed.

Sent confirmation

Once the fax has been transmitted successfully, the sender receives a Sent confirmation via
email. This email includes the document and cover sheet that have been sent - thus the
exact document received by the recipient.