Operating tips, Loading, Additional tips – Maytag LAT2500AAE User Manual

Page 3: Detergent

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Operating Tips



• Put dry, unfolded clothes loosely in the tub, up to the

top row of holes for a maximum load.

• Do not wrap large items like sheets around the agita-


• Mix large and small items for best circulation. Wash

bulky items like blankets separately.

• When laundering permanent press items or items of

delicate construction, washable woolens or loosely
knit items, never use less than the MEDIUM water
level setting. This will minimize shrinkage, wrinkling
and pulling of seams.

• For best results add the detergent to the washtub

before adding the load.

• Close lid carefully to avoid slamming.

Additional Tips

• If the washer stops during the spin, it may be due to

an unevenly distributed load. If this happens, push
in the control knob, open the lid, redistribute the
load, close the lid and pull out the control knob. The
spin will resume at the point it was interrupted.

• The washer will pause briefly throughout each cycle.

These pauses are normal.

For detailed information on sorting, pretreating stains, etc., see the enclosed Laundering Tips pamphlet.


• Use either liquid or granular laundry detergent. For

best results, be sure detergent is added to the wash-
er BEFORE the load and be sure the wash water is
above 65º F.

• Use the correct amount of detergent for the load size,

soil level and water conditions. Use more detergent if
you have hard water and very soiled loads.

If you have soft water or a lightly soiled load, use less
detergent. (See manufacturer’s instructions.)

• Wipe up any detergent spills on the washer.

• This washer is designed so that it will not agitate or

spin when the lid is open. It will, however, fill with
the lid open so water is available for pretreating
stains or diluting fabric softener.

• If you open the lid during a cycle, the washer will

stop. When the lid is closed and the control knob
pulled out, the washer will continue the cycle at the
point it was interrupted.

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