Care and cleaning, Storing the washer, Before you call – Maytag LAT2500AAE User Manual

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Care and Cleaning

Turn off the water faucets after finishing the day’s
washing. This will shut off the water supply to the
washer and prevent the unlikely possibility of damage
from escaping water.

Use a soft cloth to wipe up all detergent, bleach or other
spills as they occur.

Clean the following as recommended:

Control Panel

– clean with a soft, damp cloth and glass

cleaner. Do not use abrasive powders or cleaning


– clean with soap and water followed with an

appliance wax, if desired.

Storing the Washer


– hard water deposits may be removed, if

needed, using a recommended cleaner labeled wash-
er safe.

Lint Filter

– it is self-cleaning and requires no mainte-

nance. The filter is located under the agitator on the
bottom of the washtub. During the wash and rinse
portion of the cycle,
lint is collected on
the filter. Then dur-
ing the spin and
drain the filter is
cleaned automati-

Washers can be damaged if water is not removed from
hoses and internal components before storage. Prepare
the washer for storage as follows:

• Select Regular Fabrics, six minutes, and add one cup

of chlorine bleach OR white vinegar to a full load of
water without clothes. Run the washer through a
complete cycle. (Do not mix bleach and vinegar in
the same wash. Hazardous fumes can form.)

• Turn the water faucets off and disconnect the inlet


• Advance the cycle control knob to Spin and lower

the drain hose to eliminate any water that may be in
the drain hose.

• Disconnect the washer from the electrical supply and

leave the washer lid open to let air circulate inside
the tub.

For problem laundry solutions (i.e. fabric damage, residue, tangling) and special laundry care procedures,
see the enclosed Laundry Tips brochure.

Before You Call

Won’t Fill

• Plug cord into live electrical outlet.
• Check fuse or reset circuit breaker.
• Turn the control knob to proper cycle and pull knob out to start the washer. If equipped with buttons, be sure

they are fully depressed.

• Turn both faucets on fully.
• Straighten inlet hoses.
• Disconnect hoses and clean screens. Hose filter screens may be plugged.

Won’t Agitate

• Check fuse or reset circuit breaker.
• Make sure the lid is completely closed.
• Turn the control knob to proper cycle and pull knob out to start the washer. If equipped with buttons, be sure

they are fully depressed.

• Close lid and pull knob out to start the washer. For your safety, washer will not agitate or spin unless the lid

is closed.

• The washer is equipped with a lid switch failure detector. If the lid switch should malfunction, the detector

will stop operations for your safety. Call for service.


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