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Bleach Dispenser

The dispenser automatically dilutes liquid chlorine
bleach before it reaches your wash load. To use, follow
these steps:

1.Measure liquid chlorine bleach carefully, following

the instructions on the bottle.

2.Add the bleach to the dispenser before adding the

load. Avoid splashing or over-filling the dispenser.


• Never pour undiluted liquid chlorine bleach directly

onto the load or into the wash tub. It is a powerful
chemical and can cause fabric damage, such as tear-
ing or color loss, if not used properly.

• If you prefer to use color-safe, non-chlorine bleach,

pour it into the wash tub with your detergent. Do not
pour non-chlorine bleaches into the bleach dispenser.

Pour liquid chlorine bleach into

bleach dispenser.

Special Features

Fabric Softener Dispenser

This dispenser automatically releases liquid fabric sof-
tener at the proper time during the cycle. To use, follow
these steps:

1. Pour a measured amount of desired liquid into

dispense to fill line only.

2. If liquid comes below line, add warm water.


• Do not stop the washer during the first spin. This

will cause the dispenser to empty too soon.

• Never pour fabric softener directly on the load. It

will leave spots and stains.

• Use the dispenser for liquid fabric softeners only.

Clean the area in and around the dispenser frequent-
ly with hot water, detergent and a soft brush.

Pour liquid fabric softener into cup and

dilute with warm water.





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