NIStune Type 5 User Manual

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Type 5 Hardware Installation Manual

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Welcome to Nistune.

The Nistune hardware and software solution provides a means for the car enthusiast to retune their
vehicle whilst retaining their factory ECU and its default programming.

This solution provides many advantages over aftermarket ECUs in that the

• Factory default tuning is maintained once the Nistune board is installed. Upon installation of

the board, vehicle will be operational as usual.

• Additional tuning can then be made against the factory maps for modifications made to the

vehicle. There is no need to tune the car to get it running from scratch, reducing time and
costs of tuning required on dyno.

• There is no need for wiring loom modifications.

Nistune provides realtime tuning and maptracing. It provides the ability to make changes on the fly to
the factory ECU and then the desired results are achieved, save these permanently in non-volatile
memory on the programmable board.

Nistune also provides data logging and playback facilities using the Nissan Consult Port. Consult
interfaces are purchased separately. Nistune software also provides a user friendly responsive
graphical interface to perform modifications.

Contained in this manual are the instructions for installing a Nistune board into the Mitsubishi 7700
series consult enabled series of ECUs.