Soundtube XT550 User Manual

Xt series, Transformer taps settings, Install instructions for

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Install Instructions For:





70.7 Volt Transformer Taps (dB)

100 Volt Transformer Taps (dB)

25 Volt Transformer Taps (dB)



Transformer Taps Settings

64W=108, 32W=105, 16W=102, 8W=99

64W=108, 32W=105, 16W=102

8W=99, 4W=96, 2W=93, 1W=90

32W=103, 16W=100, 8W=97, 4W=94

32W=103, 16W=100, 8W=97

4W=94, 2W=91, 1W=88, .5W=85

XT Series

Voice Coil

4 Ohm=110 dB

4 Ohm=107 dB

© 2005 SoundTube Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. PN INS-XT Rev 05.26.05

#8 Stainless-steel

square-drive screw (x6)

Speaker enclosure

Liquid-tight strain relief

Speaker base

Wire leads

.75" 1/4-20 Stainless-steel bolt

In-ground/security bracket

Box contents

1 In-ground speaker
1 Anti-theft device (2 pieces)
1 Liquid-tight compression fitting
1 Square drive bit
2 Wire nuts
6 #8 stainless-steel square-drive screws
2 .75" 1/4-20 Stainless-steel bolts

XT550, XT550-UL, XT850, and XT850-UL

XT550-UL and XT850-UL UL listed 1480

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