Soundtube XT-RockSolid User Manual


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Do not spec or install speaker near support beam, ventilation duct or
other structure that may interfere with speaker function or dispersion.



SoundTube speakers must be installed by a professional audio installer/contractor. For safety and for
optimum audio performance, installer must follow all directions issued by SoundTube Entertainment.

Box contents

1 XT-RockSolid-2 unit with drivers and transformer
4 All-weather wire nuts
1 Base plate bolt (¼-20) and Allen wrench
1 Structural base plate
1 Anti-theft bracket

Installation Note

© 2010 SoundTube Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. PN INS-XT-RockSolid Rev 02.24.10

Anti-theft bracket

1/4-20 Base plate bolt

Structural base plate


XT-RockSolid unit

To ensure the best sound quality, installer
should eliminate any gaps between the base
of the XT-RockSolid unit and the mounting
surface. To remove gaps in the in-ground
installation, bury the unit 1/2" deep with
backfill material (sand, dirt, bark mulch, etc.).

Install Instructions For:

XT-RockSolid 2