Volume control, Remote control handset, Optional volume knob – System Fidelity SA-370 User Manual

Page 13: General

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After finished connection, switch the amplifier on.
Press the SPEAKERS A button on the front panel or remote control to chose the main speaker
If you have connected additional pair of speakers, you can chose to listen to the main speakers
(A), additional speakers (B) or both (A+B). When pressing button SPEAKERS A once, the red LED
indicator will be lit and speakers connected to the speakers A terminals will be activated. If you
press the SPEAKERS A button once again, the speakers A will be disconnected. When pressing
button SPEAKERS B once, the red LED indicator will be lit and speakers connected to the speakers
B terminals will be activated. If you press the SPEAKERS B button once again, the speakers B will
be disconnected.
If you want to listen to the both speaker pairs at the same time, press both buttons A and B, so
both LED indicators will be lit.

Volume control

Turn the volume control knob to the right to increase the volume and turn the volume control to
the left to reduce the volume.
The volume control on the front panel can be turned both clockwise and anticlockwise to change
the volume. The volume control includes 64 steps, from -78,75 dB for minimum volume and up to
0 dB for maximum volume.

Note: dB is a professional term for indicating the amplitude of an audio signal where 0 dB is
the maximum output.

Remote control handset

By using the provided remote control handset the amplifier can be controlled remotelly from your
listening position. To use the remote control unit, point it towards the remote sensor beside the
volume knob.

The remote controll handset handles all the functions of the SA-370 amplifier and performs the
same functions as the buttons labeled the same on the front panel. Beside that, it is a multi-
remote controll, which means it includes also buttons for remote controlling the functions of the
CD-player CD-370 and the tuner ST-370 by System Fidelity.

Note: the red lighted ring around the volume knob is not on the signal path and therefore it
doesn’t have any negative effect on the sound performance when it is lit. But if you wish to
switch it off during listening, you can easily do so by pressing the LIGHT button on the remote
controll. If you press that button once again, the red light ring will be lit again.

Optional volume knob

For maximum flexibility and and an opportunity for the user to make this amplifier customized,
we’re providing with the package an optional volume knob in different finish.
Depending on your visual preferences, you can use either of the volume knobs. Simply and
carefully pull out the volume knob from the volume potentiometer axis and gently push the knob
you preffer to the place.
The volume knob replacement doesn’t have any effect on the amplifier performance, it is purely
visual change.


When you’ll connect the amplifier into your hi-fi system for the first time, please note that as
with most high quality electronics, it will require a burn-in time of few dozens of hours, until the
full sound performance will be achieved.
Due to our taks for the maximum sound quality of this amplifier, we have omitted any filter stages
or tone controls which are on the signal path and which can affect the sound.
If you wish to enhance the bass reproduction of your speaker sets, you can use any commercially
available powered (active) subwoofer with a RCA output, which should be connected directly to
the corresponding SUB OUT socket on the rear panel of the SA-370.