System Fidelity SA-370 User Manual

Page 6

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must be made as incorrect setting may result in damage and often will make it difficult for a
qualified technician to make the unit work properly again.
E) If the unit has been dropped or damaged in any other way.
F) When the operation of the unit changes
drastically, the unit requires service.

Do not attempt to carry out any service work yourself. By opening or removing the cabinet,
you will be exposed to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Any service work should be
carried out by qualified technicians.

Spare parts
If spare parts are required, make sure that the service technician uses spare parts specified
by the manufacturer or spare parts with the same
characteristics as the original. Unauthorised spare parts may cause fire, electrical shock, etc.

Safety check
After service or repairs on the unit, ask the service technician to carry out a safety check to
ensure that the unit is ready for use.