About connection to the mains, Remote control installation of batteries, Using the remote control – System Fidelity SA-370 User Manual

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About connection to the mains

Do not turn on the power before all connections have been made correctly.

Check that all connections have been made correctly before turning on the

Check that the mains voltage is 230-240V AC50Hz before turning on the power.

Check that all other connections have been made correctly before inserting the mains
plug into the wall socket.
Then insert the plug into a suitable socket.
If the unit is to be used abroad, you may need an adapter.


Installation of

Remove the cover at the back.

Position two batteries of the type AAA/
R03/UM4 in the battery compartment.
Make sure that the orientation and
polarity of the batteries is correct (see

Do not mix new and old batteries and do
not use different types of batteries.
If the remote control is not used for
prolonged periods, remove the batteries
from the remote control to avoid corrosion.

Using the remote control

Direct the remote control at the sensor on the front
panel of the amplifier. When the remote control signal is received,
the unit reacts accordingly. The remote control works within a
range of 6m.

Sometimes the remote control may not work well in direct strong
light. You may have to move the amplifier if it is a problem.

Malfunction may occur if remote controls of some other
equipments are used near the amplifier.

Do not place any objects on the remote control, as the batteries
may become flat if a key is depressed constantly.

Make sure that there are no obstacles between remote control
and amplifier.

Do not position the amplifier behind tinted glass as it may reduce
the maximum range of the remote control.