Before use, Placement of the unit, On the power plug support bracket – Teac A-03 User Manual

Page 4: Maintenance, What's in the box, Read this before operation

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Placement of the unit

High-quality hardened tool steel is used for the pin-point feet,
securely attached to the bottom of the unit.

Although the outer feet may appear loose, the weight of the unit
causes them to become firm and secure. The design effectively
damps and reduces vibration.

< Be careful to avoid injury when moving the unit due to its weight.

Get someone to help you if necessary.

< To protect the supporting furniture surface, you may stick the felt

pads supplied with the unit to the bottom of the metal feet.

On the power plug support bracket

The power plug support bracket is supplied for ensuring the
connection of a heavy power cord such as ESOTERIC Power Cable
7N-PC9100 MEXCEL and 7N-PC7100 by supporting their plug.

Attach the bracket and adjust its position according to the size of
the plug of the power cable, and fix it firmly with the supplied


If the surface of the unit gets dirty, wipe with a soft cloth or use
diluted neutral cleaning liquid. Be sure to remove any fluid
completely. Do not use thinner, benzine (naphtha) or alcohol as
they may damage the surface of the unit.

What's in the box

Please confirm that the following accessories are in the box you open

Power cord x 1

Felt pads x 4

Power plug support bracket x 1

Screw for the power plug support bracket x 2

Owner's manual x 1

Warranty card x 1

Read this before operation

< Place the unit in a stable location near the audio system that you

will use.

< Do NOT place any objects on this unit.
Do NOT cover this unit with a cloth.
Do NOT place this unit on a thick-carpet.

< As the unit may become warm during operation, always leave

sufficient space around the unit for ventilation.
The ventilation holes should not be covered. Make sure there is at
least 20 cm (8˝) of space above and at least 5 cm (2˝) of space on
each side of the unit.

< Do NOT place anything such as a CD, CD-R, cassette tape etc. on

top of the unit.

< The voltage supplied to the unit should match the voltage as

printed on the rear panel. If you are in any doubt regarding this
matter, consult an electrician.

< Choose the installation location of your unit carefully. Avoid

placing it in direct sunlight or close to a source of heat. Also avoid
locations subject to vibrations and excessive dust, heat, cold or

< Do not open the amplifier cabinet as this might result in damage

to the circuitry or electrical shock. If a foreign object should get
into the unit, contact your dealer or service company as soon as
possible and do not use the unit until the foreign object has been

< When removing the power plug from the wall outlet, always pull

directly on the plug, never yank on the cord.

< Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

< This unit is a class A power amplifier and emits more heat than

other types of amplifiers. Install it separately with taking 20 cm or
more space from walls and do not use a rack for installation.

When you need to install the unit in a rack, use one which has

ventlations and take care of temperature of the unit.

< Do not install the unit upside-down or one of the sides down.

Before use

Steel foot

Pin-point foot

Cover foot retaining screws

Cover foot

Bottom plate of
the unit

AC Inlet

Screw (supplied)

Support bracket

Power cord