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There is a total of 8 minutes 30 seconds available

for recordings of Bank1 and Bank2 with MX9008 and 17 minutes with
MX9017 Flash card

BANK Selection

There are 2 Banks in SX9800, MODE A & MODE B - one Bank holds the
primary audio file, the other BANK holds the extra audio file(optional) such as
“Holidays”, special events, weekend special sales, promotions, etc. You can
switch from MODE A to MODE B or vise versa any time via the MODE
selection switch.

Adjusting Output VOLUME

Use the VOLUME control to adjust the play back output level. If the On Hold
audio volume is too low turn the VOLUME control clockwise; If it is too loud
turn the VOLUME control counter clockwise to desired level.

Adjusting Output TONE

Use the TONE control to adjust the output frequency. This is a very important
function and it will make the audio sound much better on some phone
systems. Turning the TONE control clockwise amplifies the high frequencies
while turning it counter clockwise increases the low frequencies and provides
supper BASS.

Dual Output RCA 8Ω

Ω & 600/1200Ω

There are 2 output jacks, the 8 Ω and 600 Ω, use either output that works
better for your phone system. The 8Ω RCA has an amplified 1000 mili-watt
direct audio output, the 600Ω RCA provides automatic 600Ω/1200Ω
transformer isolated output



The SPEAKER switch allows you to hear the audio being played by the
SX9800 built-in speaker transducer. Turn SPEAKER ON to hear the audio
for your testing confirmation purposes, turn it OFF any other time. Note: Do
not adjust VOLUME too loud to hear the speaker better, this could make your
On Hold audio very loud. Use this switch to confirm that player is playing then
set the VOLUME back to the acceptable level required for your phone