Recording, Bank2 recording – Invotel SX9800 User Manual

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( for SX9800 model only, SX9800E records via email code only)

You may monitor the recording using the built-in speaker turning the speaker switch
ON, for a better monitoring you may use an external headset connecting it as shown:

Connecting the external audio source:

Connect the Audio IN jack to your
audio source speaker or headphone jack using
the provided 3.5mm to 3.5 mm audio cord.

1. Press REC to stop the playback, GREEN/ RED STATUS LEDs Blink

ON/OFF continuously.


Start your music/audio, email MP3 file etc. Recording starts

(or you may press REC to start recording manually if you prefer)

3. RED STATUS LED light turns ON solid to indicate recording in progress.

4. Recording stops automatically after 15 seconds of silence in the end of

recording, the unit then removes the silences and resumes playback
operation. (You may also press REC to stop recording if you prefer to
control it manually). RED Status light turns OFF and Green Status will
turn ON.

This Automatic Start / Stop:. Feature on SX9800 allows you to just start
the audio and walk away, no need to watch the unit for end of
recording. If you need to re-record repeat the above steps.

BANK2 Recording:

The SX9800 model has dual banks and a MODE A / MODE B switch for
immediate playback of bank1/bank2 by just flipping the bank switch, the total
default recording time on the MX9008 is 8 minutes 30 seconds and 17
minutes on the MX9017 flash card. you must 1


record bank1 before

recording in bank2 so if for example you have a MX9008 flash card and your
Bank1 recording is 3 minutes long then Bank2 can be used for a second
production of up to 5 minutes 30 seconds duration.

Flexible duration: Bank2 addressing is not fixed, you can record any
duration in BANK1 and any duration in BANK2 as long as the total is 8
minutes 30 seconds or less (or 17 minutes or less on MX9017)

Examples of recording for the extra bank are “Holidays”, special events, sale
promotions, etc. The SX9800 automatically calculates the Bank2 start point
when you finish recording MODE A.

To record into Bank2:

set switch to MODE B

and do the same 4 steps
as recording in MODE A

The device automatically starts it’s normal playback, and will play what you
just recorded and will keep repeating it. If you need to re-record just repeat
the 4 steps. During the playback you may flip the switch to MODE A (Bank1)
or MODE B (bank 2) at any time and device will play back that bank

Frequent production recording tip: since If you re-record the Bank1, then
you need to re-record the Bank2, therefore we suggest to keep the
production that is not changed frequently in bank1 like “holidays recording”
and the main production in bank2, so you only record bank2 each time you
need to change your production.


Audio source

PC or

CD player, ...



8Ω or 600Ω RCA


1 2





You need to record MODE A 1


Before you can record MODE B

after you finish recording MODE A, the SX9800 automatically calculates

the MODE B starting point



Advanced recording options:
Please refer to your manual for “advanced recording options” for more
information on microphone recording and user instant messages.