Irritrol CRR User Manual

Page 10

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To Run an All Stations Cycle (ASC):
Running an All Stations Cycle is useful for troubleshooting a sprinkler system.
1. Start a Program (section above).

2. Use the UP

arrow key to move above “PGM C” to “TEST ALL” mode. Press the RIGHT

arrow key to start the

run time blinking.

3. Use the UP


arrow buttons to set the running time. All stations will run the same length of time, in

sequence, from lowest to highest possible.

4. Press ENTER

to start. (Leave the transmitter on during the ASC sequence.)

To Manually Turn On a Station or Zone:

1. Turn on the remote and press the UP


arrow button to scroll to the station number desired.

2. Press the RIGHT arrow button once to move to run time.

3. Use the UP

and/or DOWN

arrow buttons to set the station’s one-time manual running time.

4. Press ENTER

to start the station. The flashing rain-drop indicates a running station.

Note: The controller may display a differing countdown. It has been overridden by the remote’s countdown.

To Stop All Watering:
Press the CANCEL


To Change from One Running Station to Another:
1. Press the UP


arrow buttons to select the desired station.

2. Press RIGHT

arrow key to move to run time.

3. Set running time with the UP


arrow buttons.

4. Press ENTER

to turn on the new station. The previously running station will shut off .