A96 11 – Micromax Canvas Power User Manual

Page 11

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To set the unlock method:


On the Home screen, tap

→ Security.


Select Screen lock.


Choose Pattern and then follow the guided instructions to
set the pattern lock.

Note: You can also set other locking methods as desired from
Screen lock.

Other screen locking methods available in your A96 include:

Slide: Just wake up the screen and slide the lock icon
towards the unlock icon to unlock your phone.

Face Unlock: Allowing you to keep your face as screen
unlocking password. You just need to look at your phone to
unlock it.

Voice Unlock: Allowing you to provide your voice as the
screen unlocking password. You need to speak something for
the phone to recognize your voice and unlock the screen.

PIN: You may enter a PIN and set it as your screen unlocking

Password: You may enter any desired password and set it
as your screen unlocking password.

You can disable all unlocking methods from your handset by selecting