Onnect to the, Nternet, A96 41 – Micromax Canvas Power User Manual

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Your phone can connect to a variety of networks and devices,
including Internet, Wi-Fi, GPRS, BT, devices, such as headsets. You
can also transfer files to/from your PC through the data cable.





To configure Internet:

Go to

→ More → Mobile networks → Access

Point Names.

Select the access point name or change the access point
name for your Internet connectivity as provided by the service
provider of your SIM card.

By default, your network provider sends the access point
name settings via SMS, or it comes with your SIM card. You
may need to install these settings. After this, you can choose
from the listed access point names. If the access point names
are not listed by default, please contact your network provider
for the same.

After you have selected or configured the access point name,
go to

→ SIM management → Data

Connection and select the SIM on which data connection is
to be enabled.

Connect to Internet via your Phone

You can use your A96 as a modem and connect your PC or laptop to
the Internet, when required. You can do this via:

USB Tethering

Wi-Fi Hotspot

BT Tethering

USB Tethering