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Page 10: Auto power off function

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P-45 Owner’s Manual


Setting Up

Connect the AC adaptor plugs in the following order.

For the Power Adaptor with a Removable Plug

Do not remove the plug from the power adaptor. If the
plug is removed accidentally, slide the plug into place
without touching the metallic parts, and then push the
plug in completely until it clicks.

q Set the volume to the minimum.
w Press the [

] (Standby/On) button to turn on the


When the power is supplied to the instrument, the
power lamp located on the left of the power switch
is turned on. While playing the keyboard, adjust
the volume level by using the [MASTER VOL-
UME] slider. To turn off the power, press the [


(Standby/On) switch again for a second.

To prevent unnecessary power consumption, this
function automatically turns the power off if no but-
tons or keys are operated for approximately 30 min-
utes. If desired, you can disable or enable this

To disable the Auto Power Off function:

When the instrument is turned off:
While holding down the lowest key (A-1), press the

] (Standby/On) switch to turn on the power so that

the power indicator flashes three times, after which
the Auto Power Off function is disabled.

When the instrument is turned on:
While holding down [GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION],
press the lowest key (A-1).

Power Requirements

• Use the specified adaptor (page 20) only. Using the

wrong adaptor can result in damage to the instrument
or overheating.

• When setting up the product, make sure that the AC

outlet you are using is easily accessible. If some trou-
ble or malfunction occurs, immediately turn off the
power switch and disconnect the plug from the outlet.

• To disconnect the power adaptor, press the [

] (Standby/On) switch and

carry out the above procedure in reverse order.

• Make sure to keep the plug attached to the AC adaptor.

Using the plug alone can cause electric shock or fire.

• Never touch the metallic section when attaching the

plug. To avoid electric shock, short circuit or damage,
also be careful that there is no dust between the AC
adaptor and plug.

AC Adaptor

AC Outlet

DC IN jack

(page 9)

* The shape of the plug and outlet differs depending on locale.







Slide the plug as

* The shape of the plug differs depending on locale.


Turning the Power On/Off

• Even when the power switch is turned off, electricity is

still flowing to the product at the minimum level. When
you are not using the product for a long time, make
sure to unplug the power cord from the wall AC outlet.

Auto Power Off Function