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Page 11: Using a footswitch

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Setting Up

P-45 Owner’s Manual


To enable the Auto Power Off function:

While holding down [GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION],
press the A

#-1 key.

When you start playing, use the [MASTER VOL-
UME] slider to adjust the volume of the entire key-
board sound.

Because of the simple, piano-like design of this instru-
ment, there are a minimum of panel controls, and
most settings are made using the keys of the keyboard.
When you turn a function on or off, or change a set-
ting, the instrument produces a sound to confirm the
change. There are three types of sounds used: an
ascending sound for on, a descending sound for off,
and clicks for other settings. For the list of functions
assigned to the buttons and keys, see “Quick Opera-
tion Guide” on page 22.

Setting the Operation Confirmation Sounds
On or Off

You can enable or disable the Operation Confirmation
Sounds as desired.
While holding down [GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION],
press the C7 key. Every time you press the C7 key, the
setting is switched on or off.

Default setting:


Any pair of stereo headphones with a 1/4” stereo
phone plug can be plugged in here for convenient
monitoring. The speakers are automatically shut off
when a plug is inserted into this jack.

The [SUSTAIN] jack is for connecting the included
footswitch, which works in the same way as a damper
pedal on an acoustic piano. Also an optional FC3A
foot pedal or FC4A or FC5 footswitch can be con-
nected to this jack. The FC3A lets you use the Half
Pedal function.

Half Pedal function
If you are playing the piano with sustain and want a
clearer, less muddled sound (especially in the bass
register), let up on your foot from the pedal to half
position or higher.

Setting the Volume

Setting the Operation Confirmation






Using Headphones

• To protect your hearing, avoid listening with the head-

phones at a high volume level for long periods of time.

Using a Footswitch

• Do not press the footswitch when turning the power on. Doing this changes

the recognized polarity of the footswitch, resulting in reversed footswitch

• Make sure that power is OFF when connecting or disconnecting the foot-

switch or pedal.

Standard stereo
phone plug