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P-45 Owner’s Manual


Thank you for purchasing this Yamaha Digital Piano!

We recommend that you read this manual carefully so that you can fully take advantage of the

advanced and convenient functions of the instrument.

We also recommend that you keep this manual in a safe and handy place for future reference.


• Owner’s Manual
• AC Adaptor*
• Warranty*
• Online Member Product Registration**
• Footswitch


May not be included depending on your particular area. Please check with
your Yamaha dealer.

** The PRODUCT ID on the sheet will be needed when you fill out the User

Registration form.

• Music Rest

Insert into the slot

This instrument has the following documents and instructional materials.

Included Documents

Owner’s Manual (this book)

Quick Operation Guide (page 22)
Shows in chart form the functions assigned to the buttons and the keyboard for quick understand-

Online Materials (PDF)

iPhone/iPad Connection Manual
Explains how to connect the instrument to smart devices, such iPhone, iPad, etc.

Computer-related Operations
Contains instructions about computer-related functions.

MIDI Reference
Contains MIDI-related information.

MIDI Basics (only in English, French, German and Spanish)
Contains basic explanations about what MIDI is and can do.

To obtain these manuals, access the Yamaha Downloads website. Select your country, enter “P-45” in the Model
Name box, then click [Search].

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