HP XLWW User Manual

Specifications, Entry-level enterprise servers

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N e t S e r v e r

L H 4 a n d L H 4 r


Entry-level enterprise servers

The HP NetServer LH 4 has the power, reliability, and expansion room to
handle everything from Web hosting to ERP applications, for fast-growing
workgroups all the way up to corporate data centers.

Up to four-way processing with Intel


Pentium III 550MHz processors

Capacity for up to 12 Ultra2 SCSI and Ultra3 SCSI drives driven by an

integrated dual-channel HP NetRAID controller with I



Up to 4GB ECC buffered EDO DRAM with memory scrubbing

Hot-swap power supplies and redundant hot-swap fans standard

Automatic hardware-level IRQ re-directs using HP’s Smart IRQ

technology to ease configuration and boost performance

Supports industry-leading DAT or DLT technology

HP TopTools for Servers with Web interface for device management, and

HP OpenView


ManageX/SE for NOS and application management

Integrated HP Remote Assistant and optional HP TopTools Remote

Control card for easiest remote access, advanced security, and

As entry-level enterprise servers, the
HP NetServer LH 4 and LH 4r close
the performance gap for workgroups
and departments on the fast track, with
four-way processing power, high
availability, and excellent value.