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1. High-end LCD Projector with Ultra High Brightness

AC 270 W Lamp

Use AC 270 W lamp for excellent color uniformity and ultra high brightness.

2. Computer Compatibility

Compatible with resolutions including VGA-SVGA (expanded), XGA (true

resolution) and SXGA-UXGA (compressed) as well as DTV formats (480


, 480P,



, 580P, 720P, 1035


and 1080



3. XGA Image Quality

OCS LCD panel enhances color uniformity.
Various other circuits are also used to provide high quality video images.

4. Computer & Video Integrated Composer Technology

New Progressive Mode

I/P conversion with new algorithm used to achieve beautiful image quality.

Enhanced Up-scaling and Digital Image Enlargement

Enables sharper image quality without jaggies even for enlarged images.

Superior 16:9 Image

4:3 images can be converted to 16:9 images using Smart Stretch (sides stretched,
center untouched), previously not achievable with LCD projectors.

Intelligent Digital Keystone Correction

Smooths out jaggies on keystone images and compresses the image not only
horizontally but vertically keeping the 4:3 aspect ratio. Even if the 4:3 aspect ratio
changes due to lens shift, v-size adjustment allows you to keep this ratio.

New Intelligent Compression

Efficiently compresses UXGA (1,600

ן 1,200) images to XGA (1,024 ן 768).

Enhanced three-two pull down

Converts cinema mode DVD images transformed with three-two pull down enhancement
to progressive mode images for easier viewing by Film Mode.

Dynamic GAMMA Correction

Optimizing GAMMA correction frame by frame in real time.

5. 3D Digital Uniformity and Digital Convergence

Three-Dimensional Digital Uniformity compensates uneven picture brightness

even for pictures at any brightness level from white to dark. And, with Digital
Convergence, a slight distortion of convergence can be adjusted on the service
menu screen without having to touch the LCD panel.

Outstanding Features

XG-P25X/CD (E)-a

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