Warranty coverage period, Conditions to have warranty coverage – Ski-Doo WAKE Series User Manual

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– Damage caused by abuse, abnormal use, neglect or operation of the product in

a manner inconsistent with the recommended operation described in the Oper-
ator’s Guide;

– Damage resulting from accident, submersion, fire, theft, vandalism or any act of


– Operation with fuels, oils or lubricants which are not suitable for use with the

product (see the Operator’s Guide);

– Water damages caused by water ingestion;
– Damages related to gel coat finish including but not limited to cosmetic gel coat

finish, blisters or fiberglass delamination caused by blisters, crazing, spider or
hairline cracks; and

– Incidental or consequential damages, or damages of any kind including without

limitation towing, storage, telephone, rental, taxi, inconvenience, insurance
coverage, loan payments, loss of time, loss of income.


This warranty will be in effect from the date of delivery to the first retail consumer
or the date the product is first put into use, whichever occurs first and for a period
1. Twenty four (24) CONSECUTIVE MONTHS, for private, recreational use.
2. FOUR (4) CONSECUTIVE MONTHS for commercial use owners. A personal

watercraft is used commercially when it is used in connection with generating
income or any work or employment during any part of the warranty period. A
personal watercraft is also used commercially when, at any point during the
warranty period, it has commercial tags or is licensed for commercial use.

The repair or replacement of parts or the performance of service under this war-
ranty does not extend the life of this warranty beyond its original expiration date.

Note that the duration and any other modalities of the warranty coverage are sub-
ject to the applicable national or local legislation in your country.


This warranty coverage is available only if each of the following conditions has
been fulfilled:

– The 2009 Sea-Doo personal watercraft must be purchased as new and unused

by its first owner from a Distributor/Dealer authorized to distribute Sea-Doo per-
sonal watercraft in the country in 7which the sale occurred;

– The BRP specified pre-delivery inspection process must be completed and doc-


– The product must have undergone proper registration by an authorized


– The 2009 Sea-Doo personal watercraft must be purchased within the EEA by an

EEA resident.

– Routine maintenance outlined in the Operator’s Guide must be timely per-

formed in order to maintain warranty coverage. BRP reserves the right to make
warranty coverage contingent upon proof of proper maintenance.



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