Sharp R-92STW Four à micro-ondes combiné User Manual

Page 273

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hot during use. Young children should be kept away.
Temperature of the container is not a true indication
of the temperature of the food or drink; always check
the food temperature.
Always stand back from the oven door when opening
it to avoid burns from escaping steam and heat.
Slice stuffed baked foods after heating to release
steam and avoid burns.
Keep children away from the door to prevent them
burning themselves.

To avoid the possibility of burns

WARNING: The contents of feeding bottles and
baby food jars must be stirred or shaken and the
temperature checked before consumption, in
order to avoid burns.
Use pot holders or oven gloves when removing
food from the oven to prevent burns.

Always open containers, popcorn makers, oven
cooking bags, etc., away from the face and hands to
avoid steam burns and eruption of boiling.
To avoid burns, always test food temperature and
stir before serving and pay special attention to the
temperature of food and drink given to babies,
children or the elderly. Accessible parts may become


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