Gaggenau EB 210/211 User Manual

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Short time
You can program a period of time with the short
time function without automatic activation or
deactivation. You can use this mode of operation
even when the appliance is switched off as an egg
timer, for example. The range that can be set is
between ten seconds (00:10) and 23.59 hours
Proceed as follows:
– Press the + key. The short time symbol


(Fig. 22).

– The entered value appears on the display, which

you can modify by pressing the + or – key. The
time unit symbol

lights up.

– Press the

(Confirm) key to confirm the entered


– The elapsing time is displayed.


if nothing is entered for 5 seconds, the short

time starts even if the

key (Confirm) is not

Once the short time has elapsed, an audible signal
sounds and the

(Short time) symbol flashes on

the display. The signal goes off when you press any
key. The short time reminder can be switched off at
any time by pressing the + and – minus keys at the
same time.

Elapsing timer
Proceed as follows:
– Press the – key while the appliance is on (Fig. 23).

– The time, beginning at 00:00, is displayed

(maximum value 12 hours).
Thus, you can continuously display the elapsed
cooking time without programming automatic
When you press the – key again, the timer is
switched off.

The last programmed value is proposed to you
every other time you program a short time.

Fig. 22

Fig. 23